Trophy Walleye - An Option if You So Choose

Trophy Walleyes?

Numbers of fish?  Not as many.

Chance of a true trophy?  You bet.

You bet. We have 'em.

If you are looking for a true trophy for an awesome picture and then release, or for one for your wall, South Dakota's Glacial Lakes Region has some really big walleyes.

To catch a trophy,

Many of our clients have caught the biggest walleye of their lives while fishing with us.  

you have to fish for a trophy.

The fish hits, a battle ensues, and eventually it comes to the boat.  The heart pounding and excitement as it gets close enough to net is intense.  

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Once the net slides under a trophy walleye, and it's hoisted into the boat, the "high fives" and hoops and hollers happen.  Big smiles follow, with a "Whew, what an awesome fish!" heard as the fish is lifted for several pictures.

Glacial Lake Fishing Adventures

Chances are we won't catch as many fish, as big walleye have different patterns than smaller walleye.  But to catch a trophy, you have to fish for a trophy.