Your Trip

Before Your Day on the Water

Let's get in touch with each other a few days before you travel to make sure everything is a "go".  We wouldn't want you to make the trip and then have bad weather.  Make sure you are legal with proper fishing licenses.  Pack appropriate clothing for the expected weather.  If it's cold on land, it's colder on the water. 

What You Need for the Day

Your guide will provide the bait and all fishing equipment.  If you have a favorite fishing rod, you can surely bring it.  What you need to bring is:  food for the day, beverages (please no pop cans), appropriate clothing, licenses, and any personal items.

At the End of the Day

We will clean and package all you catch.  To keep them fresh, have a cooler along with ice; either in your vehicle or at your hotel.  

Neither of your guides take credit cards so please have a check or cash to pay.